Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Worked in the painting studio today.... doors and windows wide open, warm breeze blowing through keeping the oil and turpentine odors down, and sun just a-shining! Heaven!

A little 6 x 12 inspired by the Phoebes who are building nests all around our home and wake me in the morning with their cheerful little call...

A 16 x 20 loose brush painting inspired by my sweet Bruschi who died just 7 weeks ago...


  1. That dog's eyes just speak to me! How soulful! Beautiful work, Rebecca!

  2. You have captured the sweetness and sadness that I saw in Bruschi. It doesn't seem that long since he passed. Also love the slightly grumpy, dignified, somber little bird in the 6 x 12. Spring has finally inspired me as well. Will be posting some things soon! I have embraced a "vegetarian" diet with a little fish and tons of green tea. My body is responding with more energy and "happiness"! Yeah! It is true....you are what you eat! French Fries are not "happy food" contrary to popular belief.

  3. Good for you, Janette! Sounds like you are on the way to a healthy, happy body! YAY!

  4. Rebecca, your portrait of Bruschi is incredible, so lovely and soulful. What a fitting tribute, your love shines through the brushstrokes.