Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lizards, lizards, and lizards!

Now that the temps are warming up and the sun is shining, the lizards 'round my house are coming out, enjoying a hot bath and scurrying across the deck. Tiny baby blue-tailed skinks, beautifully patterned fence lizards... I just love them. I love their colorings, their movements, their watchful eyes and faces. They are amazing to me, and they've inspired this new piano key pendant, which I worked on today. I'm thinking I'll add a few more lines and details on the lizard, but scrimshaw is hard on my arm and wrist, so I only let myself do so much at a time. I'll come back to this in a day or two and wrap it up and then list it on Etsy, but you get the general idea.


  1. Great piece! I love to see the lizards when I go to New Mexico to visit my sister. We just don't really have them around here:)

  2. Awesome necklace Rebecca. I love to see your shots of creature visitors, all so different than what wanders out of the woodland and inlet here. Awesome!

  3. Oh, I think your piece as well as the real lizard is amazing!
    xo Sherry

  4. How did I miss this post! LIZARDS! Some of my favorite things! This little guy looks just like the ones in my front yard that live under the broken sidewalk. I won't let them repair the walk because I know there must be hundreds of little lizards in a nest under there! I call them my "summer lizards" and they are such a joy to watch!