Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rocks, Birds, Bottles and Whatnots

A couple of days ago, I was featured in an interview on the EtsyProjectEmbrace blog. One of the questions had to do with things I collect. My answer was rocks, bones, and feathers. And it's true... I have many of these things in my house. So this morning, I decided to take a few pictures, and then I realized that there are other things I collect. So I'm sharing some of these things with you today.

Here are a couple of the rock groupings that live on my shelves and windowsills...

Here are my glass balls hanging above the window by our dining table which looks over the side yard and towards Moore's Wall, part of the nearby mountain range...

Here are some of my vintage bottles on my kitchen windowsill which looks out onto our front yard...

Here are a few of my favorite ceramic plates... love the colors and yes, I have a thing for barnyard animals. These live on a shelf above our fridge...

And these pitchers sit atop an antique shelf and mirror that my dad and step-mom gave us. The taller pitcher is from Finland, the ancestral home of my mother, and the little pig teapot was given to me by my sister... it isn't valuable, but I love it nonetheless...


  1. Love it! I love how you have the branch above you windows. Such pretty colours too. That's what always strikes me about folks collections and things, the colours. I'm totally drawn to colour. :)

  2. Everything is beautiful....those glass balls are enchanting! I love your beautiful pine walls too...ah to live in the mountains. : )

  3. A beautiful home for a beautiful person! Collections always reflect who we truly are. I also collect feathers, bones, rocks, shells, driftwood, "hag stones", crystals and white "Madonnas". These things give us joy and inspiration which is how I justify more collecting!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful home.

  4. Lovely collections, beautifully displayed. I especially love the glass balls and vintage bottles with the sunlight shining through. Really lovely. Your homes seems very peaceful.

  5. Oops! "home" not "homes" I'm sure if you have homes they are all peaceful!

  6. I love how much you & I cross spiritual paths. :) And I've never thought of shells as bones, but seeing your weathered conch there in that photo made the connection for me (which of course they are). I have feathers, tiny clay animals and carved stone figures... loads and loads of shells...
    Hmm... now I'm looking around at my things... thinking maybe there are ways that I can shift and combine some of the objects for even greater sensory pleasure... And thinking how much I'd love to see your place, too!

  7. Love the colors of the glass bottles and glass balls!