Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Little Spring Cleaning... Not for the Faint of Heart!

We have a side porch that we practically live in during the warm months, but this spring it has been covered in pollen from the pine and other trees that surround it. I have felt even less like cleaning than I normally do, so we have kept the door shut for the most part to keep that excess pollen from blowing into our main living areas. But this afternoon, with sunny skies prevailing over the cloudy morning we had, my husband got out the vacuum cleaner and other things and did some major cleaning out there. What a good man he is! Of course there's still some dusting that I'll get out there and do, perhaps in the morning, but when I looked out there just a little bit ago, I was amazed and my spirits were lifted!

It's a wonderful spot for morning coffee, an afternoon read (or nap), and an evening cocktail with friends among the candlelight and nighttime sounds of the woods and the wind. Y'all come!! I'd love to have you!

And now... the other part of the cleaning story. When John was first getting started on cleaning the porch, he called to me, with a voice that I knew meant some interesting critter was around! He pointed outside the screen to the shrubbery below, at the base of our front deck, and there stretched out on a branch was a very long black snake... the first one I'd seen this season. Guess what I did?

If you don't like snakes, you may not want to scroll down. But really, they are fascinating creatures, and they have a definite role on this green earth. I am not too thrilled when they find the bird nests around the house, but I know they have to eat too. It's all part of the plan, like it or not. So this one was about to molt, or shed its skin, hence the strange blue eyes. And so I guess this snake was getting ready to do his own spring cleaning too!


  1. :) I spent my senior year in high school grading papers and doing other small jobs for the AP Biology teacher - all with our classroom corn snake wrapped around my arm! There's something about that feeling... I can't even describe it! The smooth almost satin feel of the skin and oddly even pressure of muscle against my arm... I haven't thought about that in years, but looking at this guy brings back all those memories and makes me wish that I had one now.

    This guy's a beauty! I once fended the neighbors off from trying to kill a big black snake that was sunning on the street in front of my house in Boone, too. They are indeed the good guys in the world of small critters. Wish they weren't so misunderstood.

  2. Rebecca, your side porch looks wonderful and comfy...just the kind of place I love...and that snake is a beauty! I wonder if he molted right on that branch, using the sides to scrape away his skin?

  3. I spent yesterday afternoon on our sun porch, which is so very much like yours. It also comes with 12 windows and lots of pine tree pollen! No snakes that I know of, though.


  4. how cosy! and such a lovely spot to curl up in for so many of life's little luxuries- our porch is one of my favorite places as well! enjoy and keep out those little 'friends'!
    :) karon

  5. Love your house and porch! I also love snakes. Great shots of him/her.

  6. Love the house & porch too, looks so cozy!! Snake is lovely too. He looks like my rat snake, that I captured at the Ecotarium near my house. Is he a rat snake? I got a closeup of a white rat snake, that was mostly albino, but there was also a black one. Looked very similar to yours. Great photos!!

  7. What a beautiful snake! I would rather find one of these than a spider! Every time I see a part of your lovely home, I want to see more! Looks so cozy and inviting! I'll be right over with cookies!!

  8. what kind of snake is that ?
    looks rather big.... eeek !