Sunday, August 21, 2011

Come September

Lucy, our Redhead.

It's late August and the hot summer is waning, and we are patiently awaiting our first eggs from our hens.  Each day we check, but no sightings thus far.  We were told that September would be the magic month, and we're counting on it.  John tells the chickens they need to earn their keep, at this point.  They are spoiled rotten, with special treats in the morning and in the evening. These tidbits include of variety of items... blueberries, pasta, potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, cooked beans of the green and black varieties, and other such sundry foods... whatever is "leftover" in the fridge or whatever has been a part of our dinner. Each evening we sit with our girls in the garden while they stretch their legs, running around after bugs and flapping their wings.  It's a good time to relax, enjoy a glass of wine, catch our breath, water the remaining tomatoes, peppers, and okra, and simply just be.

Our four girls on the loose, Lucy, Ethel, Alice and Flo.

Life has been good this summer, and the chickens have been amusing, offering much entertainment for us.  So I decided that this blog post, my first in about a month (!), will celebrate these wonderful critters.  
I found some really cool things on Etsy to share with you.

One of my most favorite pieces of chicken art... Chicken Lover by chickory



 Until next time, keep smiling, keep singing, and run barefoot in the grass, y'all!