Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Little Smile for Today

A very dear friend of mine, whom I miss a heck of a lot since she has been living for several years many states away from me, sent me an email today which contained this image. I loved it immediately, and it reminded me that though life can be frustrating, stressful, difficult, sad, and scary, it also contains much joy, much beauty, much kindness, much love, and many, many blessings, both large and small. How can we help but smile when we know this truth?

Here are some other things from Etsy shops that bring me a smile, and this beautiful mix of color offers a sense of peace and joy.

A kitchen towel with a great little reminder by sweetnaturedesigns...

Whimsically fun print of a watercolor by karenfaulknerart...

Lovely photo of earth's beauty by chefjen137...

Pretty cool tie-dyed pillow by AKingHearts...

A stunning enamel pendant by indigoflameworks...

And finally, a pair of my own earrings, appropriately titled, Tell Me Why in my Etsy shop...

So smile, enjoy life and all it has to offer, find your sense of peace, love yourself and others!


  1. I love the theme of this post. So true. Thanks for including my coffee cup print!

  2. So glad you are up to surfing Etsy and picking these beautiful things to share with us. Life well lived can be crazy, but the alternative isn't so good! Take care, be well, and so happy you are feeling better....Janette

  3. Thank you Rebecca for your wonderful comment on my turning 40 post today. I really enjoyed reading it. I love the part about the photo and the blurring of the lines... it has inspired me to change my profile pic to that one... you said is so eloquently.

    Your earrings are beautiful. I always love to see what you have picked from etsy and this does not disappoint!

  4. Love you, Rebecca!!! You make me smile :)

  5. What a wonderful email message! Love the finds. When I saw the blue rose, I rushed to that shop to see if it were really blue. I've been waiting patiently for someone to introduce a true blue rose. My 'blue' rose is lavender.
    Have a good one~