Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life Reflections

Tomorrow afternoon I will have a little surgical procedure done to try and rectify the health issues I have had over the last month. It will be an out-patient kind of deal and hopefully won't be too much trouble or involve too much pain after the fact. I have tried really hard this week not to think of it so I don't get up in arms and all stressed.

But this morning I learned some very sad news of a fellow blogger and Etsian I have followed over the past year, and while I never knew her in person, I did "know" her through her blog and her beautiful photography, and I am so very sad. It has brought me to tears as I reflect on life and death and try to make sense of it all. Life can be hard and it can play some cruel tricks on us, and oftentimes I wonder how we ever get through it. It's a tough game to play, and as I wrote in a recent song, we have to "hold our cards close to our chest" because it isn't always a fair game.

When I struggle with the unfairness of it and the hardships that I see all around me, I usually take a stroll on our land and up and around the mountain. Lately I haven't felt up to such a hike, but just a walk through our yard in the sunshine has helped. So in honor and memory of dear Cat, I'll leave you with some photos of what's happening in our gardens and I hope these will bring you a smile and a sense of peace, as they have done for me.


Strawberry blossom...


Blueberries in the works...

Rows of early lettuce...

New maple leaves...


Baby grapes...

Flowers waiting to be planted...


  1. Dear Rebecca:I didn't know about Cat..I knew she had difficult health issues..but this is the first I hear of her loss; You beautiful words and photos are a touching tribute; it really is such a mystery so strange--about who "makes it" and who doesn't..Good wishes to you for your procedure tomorrow.. xoxo

  2. rebecca, thank you for sharing your thoughts and these beautiful photos - i will miss cat too. i'll be thinking of you tomorrow,

  3. I am reeling from the news of Cat's death. Your photographs are such a fitting tribute to her memory, Rebecca. And you're right, it does make one pause and contemplate all of those tough issues.
    I hope tomorrow goes easily for you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Sorry to just be reading this - and I am sad for you. People touch us in all sorts of ways, and whenever that connection breaks - length of time or actual first-hand knowledge irrelevant - it sends us thru all sorts of contemplative loops... or at least does me. But I agree, this is a very fitting little tribute. All part of the circle. Keep it flowing....
    And LOTS of good wishes for tomorrow!
    xoxoooo -

  5. i think Cat would LOVE these photos and i hope she is looking at them right now. thank you.
    prayers with you and Cat's family. laura

  6. A beautiful tribute to a dear "cyberspace friend". I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending healing thoughts and prayers for your recovery. Just strolling thru nature and feeling the sun's warmth can be the best stress reliever for many things. When my best friend's husband died, I took her directly from the ER to the Botanical Gardens for moments of prayer and empathy. She said that was the best thing she could have done under the circumstances. She felt so peaceful and close to God and Raul among the beautiful flowers and trees. Please take care, Janette

  7. Rebecca, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I'm sorry for your loss. Your pictures are truly beautiful and are an awesome tribute to your friend. xxx

  8. Rebecca, I just read about Cat and I too am reeling from the loss. We shared a name and communicated through etsy...I know she would love your photographs...You are in my thoughts today as you face a "procedure" and I'm sending you all beautiful and positive thoughts for your healing. Please let me know how everything goes!!
    Love, Cait

  9. Rebecca, healing thoughts for you! We will miss to her...

  10. This is a beautiful tribute, Rebecca. Lovely photos and eloquently written. Yes, it does bring a sense of peace and comfort.