Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Kitty in the Garden!

She's done, she's done... with ten days to spare! I worked on the base today for my Scout in the Garden sculpture for the Art Unleashed fundraiser for the Humane Society. All sculptures are due on May 1 (the same day as a very wonderful arts / crafts / music show that always proves very successful for me!), so I knew I better get my ducks in a row and get out my One Shot enamel paints. Fortunately they take so little time to dry and the colors are amazingly vibrant too!

So here is Scout standing next to her base and among the flowers and cool season garden veggies growing in the pots on our deck.

And here she is on her base, looking very festive, bright, and cheerful... a happy kitty indeed!


  1. Very cool artwork on such a big and cheery cat! The base is fantastic and really sets it off well. Great work!

  2. She looks fabulous, Rebecca! A lot of people will be delighted to own this wonderful kitty. Hope you guys raise a lot of money..

  3. wow Rebecca!! She looks fantastic. Both kitty and the base are Perfect together. Great idea and Wonderful work :D

  4. Wow, it's amazing. I am certain it will go to a great home.

  5. I especially LOVE the mountain horizon on this gorgeous blue cat... but then i am a mountain woman... bet my Zippy Zip would fall madly in love with this feline !