Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Signs of Spring: Tuesday's Treasures

Surely it can't be much longer, not when you go out in the melting snow and find daffodil shoots seeking out sun and warmth, as I found on Sunday afternoon. Definitely a welcome sight!

After our last round of snow and ice on Friday and Saturday, we were without power for just shy of 48 hours, the storm wreaking havoc on our county and the ice covering the pines and hardwoods all throughout our area and especially on the tops of the mountains. All over these country roads you can find evidence of the pine trees really taking a hit; many of them fell across the road and will now become wood for campfires for the upcoming hiking and camping season. Here are a couple photos from our brief excursion on Sunday, before we went out to collect more firewood:

But... what I really wanted to show you today are these wonderful pieces from Etsy shops, all of which give us hope that spring will surely arrive, and it won't be too soon for me!

A beautiful altered photograph by dahliahousestudios...

Metal art and wallhanging by frivoloustendencies...

A happy little painting by loveartworks, who typically works in clay...

Ah... bicycles are surely a sign that warmer days are coming, by studio1212...

And finally, fun flowery earrings by wildwomanjewelry...

Until next time, remember to buy handmade and shop Etsy!


  1. Oh Rebecca...what a fabulously Hope-Full post!! Surely Spring is just around the corner, at least for your sake, my goodness, you all have had quite the exceptional winter! We have yet to see a snowflake here in Seattle..(oh...I probably just brought on a Blizzard by writing that!)..but we had similar weather to yours last year, so I know those little daffodils must be looking mighty cheerful!! Thank You so much for featuring my Seussical inspired painting on your Blog...I am Honored!!
    Happy Creative Day to you!
    :) Kristin

  2. You live in a beautiful area. I am more than ready for spring. Love your Etsy picks.

  3. rebecca - such happy hopeful choice! i LOVE the bright spring colors! thanks so much - and your photos are wonderful...those little daffodil sprouts make me grin from ear to ear!

  4. :) That sunflower (altered?) photo is WONDERFUL!

  5. I love your positively fun post--full of the promise of warmer days and sunshine!

  6. What a beautiful post! Thank you for the lovely reminders that spring is on its way!