Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Love Affair

Ever since the sixties, I've been in love with the Marlboro Man (photo courtesy of the Phillip Morris archives), and those who have bought my CD have heard my song about this love affair. Never having been a smoker, I still would prefer to see TV ads and billboards featuring this rugged western man rather than those geeks hawking cell phones. Perhaps that is the reason why I have a certain affinity for cowgirl boots. I seem to be collecting them the way a certain friend of mine, my bandmate, collects guitars. (I think he has more money to spend than I do!)

Here's my latest painting... a tribute to Cowgirls.

And here's my newest pair of boots, Ariats which arrived in the post just a few days ago.

Thank goodness my husband, a rugged and grizzled man in his own right, minus the cigarettes, finds my cowgirl boots sexy!


  1. If I may say so, myself, they do look fine and dandy, m'Lady! (takes off her cowboy hat and bows)

  2. hooooo---WEEE, girl! Now Diana has seen MY brand new boots... and after this I'm just about too embarrassed to even post a picture (tho I was gonna!). Yours blow mine outta the water! Hecky durn... Sexy don't even come close!
    Happy Love to you - boots and husband and the rest included!
    xo ~

  3. it's gorgeous...all of it...and those boots are simply amazing! happy valentine!

  4. Hey, great boots, painted and otherwise! I've never had any, just the snow kind! Happy Valentines Day with your husband and the Marlboro man!! laura xxoo

  5. woooo-hooooo!

    my dad used to look like the marlboro man in his youth! brings back great memories....Thank You!
    :) kristin

  6. Ha ha ha - I've been in love with him since forever too! And I just LOVE those boots!!!

  7. Cool boots!! Sure am glad your hubby is AOK with your "affair". :)