Friday, February 5, 2010

A Curse or a Blessing?

We just can't decide. Fresh new snow is always a gorgeous thing to behold: magical, mystical, quiet, refreshing. But what does it become after a couple of days when you are tired of cold feet, wet dog tracks on the floor, and grey, grey skies?

This morning we awoke to another layer of snow, this time covering the trees as well as the ground. Our last snow... just one week ago... was very dry and those ten inches had begun melting with a nice warm sunny day on Wednesday, only to be topped off with another 5 or 6 inches today.

On Wednesday, John and I trudged up the hill to collect some oak to be split for firewood. Flexible Flyers are not just for sledding!

So we've got some splitting to do, but it won't be today...

Tomorrow there is a 60% chance of more snow showers. It's so unusual for North Carolina, and I'm not sure I like this new side of winter 'round here!


  1. I know how you feel, the sunshine deficit leaves something to be desired. But just wait, the sap is going to run in the trees, the snow will melt and stay the meantime get a great book, something in the tropics, something fun, maybe a bit dangerous, nothing too serious...and put on your wonderful slippers, and know that we have the same in Middle Europe :-D

  2. It's crazy, isn't it!? all these years of lamenting the lack of all four seasons, and here we are getting one winter storm after another! And it makes me worry... so many do not get paid for these days out of work... so many are affected by the loss of sales/foot traffic... with things already being hard out there... the added heating costs... it's a lot to be dealt - and esp. this year of all years.
    But - there are bright sides. I love the time home with my girl. I love the phone calls and the emails and the FB banter... the way snow brings out a little bit of the child in all of us... I love thinking about spring - that when those flowers do finally arrive we are going to enjoy them even more than years past! And I love being forced to just do this. Catch up with the human side of life. Connect. Love. Slow down. Enjoy. Watch, count, name, feed my birds...
    Yes... It's been a really, really good winter, regardless of all this bleck out there! :)

  3. tis beautiful, but I could live without the 18-24 more inches predicted here