Monday, February 1, 2010

Peachy Keen... or what goes together

An old expression, but a fun one... peachy keen! So just for fun... here are a few things that, while not really made for each other, go so well together.

From my shop, listed yesterday... a necklace featuring a wondrously fun clay button made by GlazedOver, accompanied with a pair of earrings using lampwork glass and crystals...

A lovely beaded bracelet in pastels by tmpenrose...

Is perfect with these gorgeous earrings by roughmagiccreations...

How about this sweet little sundress by gooodmorning...

Which really wants to have these Cool Water earrings by Nyblaque...

And this luscious silk scarf by artinsilk...

These oh-so-pretty and feminine lily earrings by envejewelry...

Are just right for this leafy scarf by kanokwalee...

A stylish and earthy bag by LaTouchables...

Seems made for this necklace, Woodsong, in my shop...

And it also works like a charm with this loose big top by rraps...

Which seems perfect for these One Love earrings...

This has been fun, and now that I'm feeling inspired, I need to go do some creating! Enjoy... and remember, buy handmade, shop Etsy!


  1. What a fun post! I would love one of each :)

  2. Gorgeous items - I'd love one of each! Thanks for including my Pastel Cabled bracelet!

  3. Wow, Rebecca! If you ever get tired of painting, taking photos, designing jewelry, making sweet music ... maybe you'll come up here and be my personal fashion consultant!

    Thanks so much for including my earrings among all these beautiful creations!
    xoxo Mollie

  4. You are amazing--this was such a fun walk through the world of fashion out there on etsy--thank you so much for including my bag!!!

  5. thank you so much for including my lily earrings! they definitely go well with that beautiful scarf. ps. you have a wonderful blog! :)

  6. Very nice "fashion statement" a la Mollie! And, I love your new photos and use of ceramic beads.

  7. thanks, Rebecca! this is so great surprise! all these handmade things are beautiful - each other and all together, as well! xo aija

  8. beautiful selections for a fabulous feature!

  9. This is great, it's like your own little treasury! all great pieces!

  10. I'm absolutely wild about the cute little button necklace and gorgeous earrings. Also, the mysterious lighting in your photo is wonderful. So soft and inviting! Great post!

  11. You've done some beautiful match-ups! Lovely!

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  13. Rebecca, Soul Sister! What a fabulous ethereal yet grounded collection. Thank you so much for including me. A delightful, unexpected pleasure.

  14. So many pretty things being featured and so colorful also!!