Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look What Came in the Mail!!

Besides the usual crap and the bills, which I consider crap too, I got a few packages today, and I was sooo excited. Of course we hadn't been to the post office since Monday, and we knew we better go today because more snow and ice is on its way to our neck of the woods tomorrow and on into Saturday. Sigh.

But this grey day brightened when John carried in these packages:

New slippers from my brother-in-law, Shepherd's Flock, to replace my 3 - 4 year old ones! I wear these EVERY day, and they last a really long time, but my old ones have seen better days and will now be worn only for emergencies... whatever those might be.

These are so snug and cozy and warm, and I love the neoprene sole which means I can wear these outside to the painting studio or to take the dogs out, except in the snow and sleet (although I have taken my chances in the past and done just that!)

These are also great because the cuff can be worn up, for more warmth on my legs, or down. And best of all... they are handmade in Vermont by two very wonderful people!

I also got these great star buttons from claynfiber on Etsy which will probably be put to use in some new jewelry... aren't they great? I love the earthiness of them!


  1. I got my new boots this week too. I LOVE THEM! Sometimes being a girl really is just da bomb, is it not?! :)

  2. Love the buttons and the boots!!! Sometimes simply getting the mail can be very exciting:)

  3. Comfy! Great booties for everyday coziness. Beautiful craftsmanship too. A fun pkg in the mail is so great & a nice change from junk mail. The buttons are gorgeous, can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. Wow, did you do good or what???? I love those boots and the star buttons, and you know once you create some jewelry with those buttons, it'll look terrific with the boots! :)

  5. Those clay stars look like delicious cookies--I'm coming over for coffee!

    But Rebecca--those boots--those boots are shouldn't have shown I am going to go check out that website and see if he ships overseas.