Thursday, February 18, 2010

Light and Life: A Few New Pieces

Finally we've had some sun and some warmer temps to help melt the remaining ice-encrusted snow we still have on our ground. For the past two mornings, I took advantage of the wonderful light and photographed some new jewelry, which I've begun listing in the Etsy shop.

Spring Blooms

Summer Sky

The Trinity... three pieces in one

Earth and Sky

Here's to spring colors, light, life, and sunshine!


  1. I really like the asymmetry of The Trinity!

  2. Summer Sky and Trinity are my favorites! You are doing beautiful work. They are all so wonderful.

  3. Wow Rebecca! I really love all of these! Especially Trinity! Gorgeous!!! xoxo

  4. Hi Rebecca, thank you for stopping by yesterday with such thoughtful and encouraging words :) I really appreciate them.

    These pieces are so beautiful. I especially like the asymmetry, too. Gorgeous! ~Jaime