Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bright Sunshiny Day: Tuesday's Treasures

Well, tomorrow maybe. Today is cloudy, grey, and rainy... but I can dream of the sun, can't I? And there are other ways to make the day brighter! You can be a volunteer in your community, donating your time and energy to improving the outlook and life of someone else. You can donate money to a cause close to your heart, like Haitian relief for children, cancer research, animal welfare, literacy efforts, or so many others. You can simply offer thoughts, meditations, and prayers for those who suffer or for the world at large.

My little glass pin of a happy redheaded girl is offered in my Etsy shop and a portion of the sale is donated to the American Cancer Society. The artists included here are also active in donating to various causes, in an effort to bring a bit of happiness and sunshine to the world around them!

Sweet little fish pins by fionamacneil... donating to Haitian Children's Relief

Softcover journals, many covers and colors available by thisisit... donating to animal welfare groups and who is also working to raise $3600 to save three bulls from the slaughterhouse

A necklace to make you feel happy by LaViejaTunTun... donating to Etsy for Animals monthly charity

Bright and cheery coat rack by veggiecrocker... donating to Breast Cancer Research

Lovely little felted nesting bowls by maddyandme... donating to Haitian Relief

Sunny day mittens by LamaWorks... donating to the American Cancer Society

Beautiful Trembling Citrus earrings by ErikaPrice... who always donates 100% of profits, split between the American Cancer Society and her 14th century parish church

A gorgeous bird photo collage by allieart4children... donating to a children's charity

An Orange Cat Enjoying the Sun by LissaLushHelpingCats... donating to an Ohio shelter for Cats

And to wrap it up, who could possibly resist this face by carolscanvas... donating to Mostly Mutts Rescue in Atlanta

There are so many others out there in Etsy who give of their money, time, art, and energy to make the world a brighter, better place. You can simply do a search on the site for Charity, for teamepe, for Team EFA, for Etsyveg team, for Haitian Relief, for Etsy for Autism, or any other issue that is important to you, and you will find hundreds of sellers who participate in these variety of causes.


  1. What a endorphine-producing selection! Thanks for including my coat rack, Rebecca :)

  2. What a wonderful selection of things that bring sunshine to others, Rebecca - and thank you so much for including my Sonata earrings! I just adore your happy red-headed girl pin, and I love the bright coat rack, and the lovely bird photo would look perfect on my wall, and. . . oh, dear - they are all so nice I could spend a fortune here!

  3. Beautiful bright collection! Perfect for a winter day:)

  4. Wonderful selections - I know several of these artists and they are truly talented and kind people.

  5. Love the bird! Thanks for including my pit bull painting. I sell a lot of these prints to help the animals in my area.

  6. Some beautiful finds here!! Love Erika's earrings!

  7. I love your selections..

    When you get a chance stop at my blog... I've got an award for you! ~Jaime


  8. Beautifully written, Rebecca, and also beautifully illustrated with these lovely items from talented and caring Etsy sellers. What a fantastic group of generous people who are making the world better for others!
    xoxoxo Mollie

  9. Really cool picks. Loved them. Glad there are wonderful people out there that donate proceeds to charity.

  10. Awesome Picks!
    Fantastic Earrings by ErikaPrice's shop!

  11. Beautiful creations for great causes, thanks for featuring EFA! :0) Michele

  12. Lovely and bright. Definitely a pick-me-up from this cold weather we're having. Fantastic that so many people support the animals too.

  13. Gorgeous collection. The little blue pit bull melts my heart! Lovely pin....you do glass so well! Hope Bruschi is better! Empi certainly is a snow dog!