Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures: For the Love of Dogs

We have been dealing with our sweet hound dog Bruschi and his seizures for about 15 months now. On Friday we had a very bad morning with six seizures between 5:15 and 7:30 am. These, of course, wore him out, but us as well. He wasn't able to get up on his feet for another three hours, and even then he was quite wobbly and had lost the ability to see, or at least the ability to process what he was seeing. He spent Friday afternoon through yesterday evening at the vet where she could monitor him while increasing his meds. He had a relaxed evening last night here at home, though it seems he is having to reacquaint himself with his surroundings and the routine. This morning he is resting comfortably on his dog bed, not far from the woodstove.

Since my focus of late has been on our sweet dog and the love and trust found in the bond between human and dog, this week's Tuesday's Treasures focuses on canines. As usual, you can click on the link to go directly to these Etsy shops. Hope you enjoy!

Black Lab and Angel Watercolor by watercolorqueen....

A very cool sculpture by Middleburg...

Retro modern print "Be Good While I'm Away" by kerrybeary...

One in a series of Shelter Dogs photographs by susansabophotography...

And finally, another cool sculpture, "Spirit Dog" by Kuzniart...

Until next week, hug your dog, cat, spouse, or friend often... and remember to buy handmade, shop Etsy!


  1. I can relate to and definitely feel for you in what you are going through with Bruschi and the seizures. Our Shih Tzu, Dusty, had grand mal seizures. He started having them when he was about 14 months and they continued for his lifetime. The worst cluster was 24 seizures in a 48 hour period. I was finally able to get them under control with a rectal dosage of diazepam. We eventually found the right combination of phenobarbital and potassium bromide to reduce his seizures to about 1 or 2 every few months. I always kept diazepam on hand just in case we had a bad cluster.

    I hope you are able to get your beautiful Bruschi on the right combo of medication that will reduce the frequency of his seizures. It is hard on the dogs and hard on their people too!

    Wonderful choices of doggie art for Tuesdays Treasures! The Black Lab and Angel is really lovely!

  2. Oh Rebecca... I am so sad reading this. What a difficult thing for you guys! (and by that I mean for Bruschi too) Will be sending you all lots of love light.....

  3. Oh, poor wee pooch, I'm so sorry he suffers through his condition. I hope he can be stabilized. Hugs & doggie smooches to him.

    And the pieces you selected are great, etsy is full of diverse talent.

    Peace to your 2 & 4 legged family :)

  4. I hope Bruschi is feeling much better. How sad to have a sick animal and not be able to talk to them. The trust and bond is so important in these difficult times. I will keep Bruschi and your family in my prayers. The Shelter Dogs photo really touched my heart. They look just like my Bogart. Sweet little pit bulls like these puppies don't last long in shelters. I wish more folks realized how loving and special they can be. Take care and hope things will be better tomorrow.

  5. Love your post on animals, and dogs...those little guys behind bars--they look so helpless and loving...