Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Of Leaves and the Artist's Soul

As an artist, I am inspired by the colors of each season and as my husband remarked last fall, I am a "seasonal" painter. I tend to paint the colors of whatever season we are in. There are exceptions, of course... always exceptions to the rule... and sometimes no rules at all! I think this seasonal color palette of mine works its way into my jewelry as well. I don't typically pay attention to the Pantone colors for the upcoming season; instead I work with what I see around me, the colors of the earth and woods and sky in the current season. So here are a couple of new necklaces in the more subtle shades of winter... a little simpler than I usually do, but I kind of like them... what about you?

I'll be listing these on Etsy today.

The Soul of the Artist...

Whisper of Leaves...

Downtown Train...


  1. these are just lovely pieces! my favorite if I had to pick, is Soul of the Artist, very nice! you are a very pretty lady ;)

  2. All beautiful but my favorite is also Soul of the is gorgeous...heading to your shop from here to look around.

    Thanks for stopping by and posting your comment about my blog. I wasn't all that fond of the bows either and after sleeping on it, I lost them. Please check it out now because I've added a different background that I think works well. Let me know what you think...not everyone will give honest feedback and I really appreciate yours!

  3. Soul of the Artist is incredible... so much depth to that piece. It really speaks!

  4. They are all beautiful but I love your Soul of the Artist necklace! You are so creative.

  5. I love your new work and photos, especially, the heart, Rebecca; also that happy dog in the snow beings a smile, this morning!