Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures... Five Favorites

Happy Birthday to my Project Embrace friend, Ginny Huber! Since it's her birthday, I've decided to feature her, along with some other great artists, here in my weekly Tuesday's Treasures. I found these gorgeous spring-like greens and reds, all with a round theme, and they seemed to fit my mood today... as I think of birthday balloons and yearn for the warmer and softer days ahead. As always, simply follow the link to see details about the work featured and learn more about the artist.

A lovely dessert plate, perfect for birthday cake, with dragonfly, one of dbabcock's favorite images...

A fun and lively print... I simply LOVE this piece with the bird and the heart in the spokes... by strawberryluna...

A marvelous embroidered piece of art featuring one of my favorite artists, Paul Klee, by VintageChicnSlick...

And of course, this lovely felted brooch entitled It's Always Summer Somewhere (what a wonderful thought!) by ginnyhuber...

And finally, fabulous oxidized copper earrings by dawily, who is having an excellent sale in his shop, but you gotta act quickly...

Until next week... remember to shop Etsy, support artists endeavoring to create very special items, and buy handmade.


  1. Thank you so much, Rebecca, for helping to make this birthday a special and loving one. I am honored to be featured here!! xoxo Ginny

  2. Dear Rebecca,
    You've picked one of my best works - the rendition of the Head of Man. Paul Klee does not belong to any one movement. He has blended primitive art, surrealism, expressionism, cubism, and dadaism into his own unique art and he is one of a kind.

    Thank you,
    AKA VintageChicNSlick

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I have dawily's work on my radar as well. They are such rare, beautiful, and interesting pieces. Excellent finds for Tuesday's Treasures! =)

  4. This is fascinating and gorgeous, Rebecca!
    Happy B'day to Ginny!
    xoxo to all!

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  6. how fun is that print by strawberryluna?? i love it too! Great choices, rebecca...happy birthday ginny!

    ...ok...I have no idea how i deleted that last comment (which is the same as this comment!) must need more coffee - sorry about that!)

  7. Thanks Rebecca.......I'm flattered to be included! ....... Dawily