Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Has Me in Its Grip

Last night in bed some lines for a new song gathered in my head... all about dealing with this bitter cold spell that has gripped North Carolina and other parts around the country. It's been very hard for me to get motivated to do much of anything productive... but today I know I'll be working on this song, trying to coax it out of its cave.

In the meantime, here are some fabulously pretty items in winter colors, but unlike winter, these will warm your heart and make you feel like a million! These are all created by my fellow teammies on the Etsy team, Project Embrace, whose goal is to spread awareness for the need of continuing and ongoing cancer research and also to share love and hope to those who find themselves dealing with cancer. To read about the woman who influenced the beginnings of this team, click here to visit her blog.

Working in mosaics, Sigmosaics makes the prettiest useful and decorative items...

A gorgeous necklace that shimmers like ice by nyblaque...

A stack of beautiful hammered skinny rings by accessoreese...

Mmmmm... a lovely lampwork dangle by erikaprice...

A hammered heart pendant that reads simply... Love You... on the back side by jealousydesign...

You have to love poppyswickedgarden's fun and feminine ruffle...

And these pretty little Simplify earrings by wildwomanjewelry... oh so lovely!

So forget about the cold winter days and feast your eyes on these pretties, and remember, when you need a little pick-me-up purchase, shop handmade, shop Etsy!


  1. Beautiful choices and hope you warm up today!

  2. rebecca - your lake looks beautiful, even with the icy patches! these creations are wonderful winter celebrations and i'm honored to have my earrings included among them - thanks so much! stay warm and good luck with your song,
    karon :)

  3. This really does warm my heart, Rebecca, and I too am feeling the overly cold blues. And I definitely think "coax it out of it's cave" is just begging to be included in the lyrics your write today!
    I love your album. I'm listening to it today.
    XO ~Jill

  4. Gorgeous pics! Great way to warm up the heart!


  5. We're experiencing similar weather in the UK - bitterly cold and freezing - but the skies have been gloriously clear and blue which almost makes up for being snowed in! Thank you so much for including my (ErikaPriceOriginals) dangle charm in this feature Rebecca - you've found some beautiful items and they really warmed my heart! And I can't wait to hear the new song!

  6. Beautiful picks Rebecca! And I so agree -- these winter colors make me warm!

  7. pretties! Love the mixed metals hammered bands... and heart... and the scarf is simply delicious!
    ya know - I really don't mind the cold at all - in fact I hafta admit that I rather like it... but I've found my body growing so weary from the constant weight of layers and coats and scarves and such. My shoulders just cringe at the thought of donning it all each morning.

    Happy writing!

  8. what great choices! They are all so pretty!

  9. Lovely post and what wonderful creations you have chosen to go with it.

  10. What beautiful items you've featured! I can't wait for spring myself.

  11. Lovely writeup! As a new member of EPE, I am awed by the diversity and talent in this group!

  12. you are living in a beautiful winter wonderland Rebecca .. the photo captures how I imagine it sounds, quiet and peaceful. I do feel for all of those around the northern hemisphere suffering through a very cold and bleak winter.

    Thank you for including my work in with these wonderful EPE friends. I feel very blessed to have 'met' you all .. :D
    xox Kerrin

  13. beautiful lake photo! is blistery over here on the East Coast. I hope you will keep those warm spirits going done there in the Tarheel State - The Big Apple people say- welcome to our winter world lol;-)

    I'm just teasing, you blog is beautiful and so is this post. Thank you for having me in the company of such amzing talent!

    Be Well


  14. We are having the same cold weather here in Sweden and I must say that I really enjoy it. We only have a couple of hours of daylight at this time of the year and the snow makes it so much brighter.
    You have found some lovely choices here; thank you for including my heart necklace in your finds.

  15. More songs.....great way to spend the winter days! Love the pics and lake photo!

  16. Lovely pics here Rebecca;happy music making..and warming wishes.

  17. THank you so much for including me in your blog! I know exactly how you feel too! Right now it is even hard to get out of bed:) I hope the coming warmth helps out:)