Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow is a'falling

And somebody is very happy about it! Just look at that smile! Our grandpuppy Empi knows how to have a good time and enjoy the world around her.

Here is a photo of the sky on Thursday night. It was full of clouds and a pretty ring around the almost-full moon... according to the old wives, the sign of coming snow.

And come it did. It started last night around 8... small pinpoints of dry snow coming done in the moonlight. It covered the ground and was deepening by the time we turned out the lights around 11. This morning... there's about 8 inches on the ground and it has now turned into a wintry mix with snow and sleet. So it will be a good day to sit by the woodstove, enjoy a good book, maybe watch a movie, maybe play a game of Scrabble, eat popcorn and chocolate, and feel okay about not really doing anything at all. And oh yes... the chance to listen to the extreme quiet that always accompanies this kind of weather.

Fortunately, yesterday John split the oak that had been in the shed, so now our woodpile is larger and we're all set for the cold that we'll have for a few more days following this storm.

The front yard, looking towards Moore's Wall

Behind the house, up the hill... John's barn / knifemaking studio

And a few more photos of Empi checking everything out.

At 9:30, it's still a very dark morning. Tonight will be a full moon, and if the clouds have moved on by then, it should make for a very bright and magical night. Stay tuned!


  1. I'm jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish you could send us some snow....I'm so so so sick of the grey and the rain!!
    Great post!!!!
    :) Kristin

  2. I am trying to tame the jealous beast within me! We received lots of rain and no snow here in NW GA.
    I too love the quiet of a snow covered world. It is so very peaceful.
    Your photos are wonderful and Empi does appear to be having a great time! I have photos very similar of our Sandy boy playing in the snow in the blizzard of '93. Actually, Empi looks so much like Sandy that my heart skipped a beat when I saw the photo. We lost him three years ago. He was my big baby boy and I miss him still.
    Your photo of the moon is wonderful. Perhaps you can get a shot of the moonlit night tonight. Enjoy!

  3. Fabulous photos, Rebecca! Looks like Empi's ... er, "knee deep" and lovin' it!
    BTW, anytime John gets tired of that studio, I'll be happy to take it off his hands. What's that you say? Oh. Ok.
    heh heh
    ~ Joe

  4. Exactly my agenda for the day as well. Only I also added in a nap, and a totally indulgent completely brainless novel after the morning walk too :)