Saturday, October 31, 2009

It Was a Dark and Foggy Halloween

Fog rolled in overnight and lies low over the ground and over the nearby mountain... looks like it's going to be perfect weather for a spooky Halloween. Perhaps the predicted rain won't be so great for trick-or-treaters... but for those adults attending parties, it will set just the right mood.

As do these uhh... rather candid photos of one of our dogs...

He was laying on the couch on our porch in one of his usual sleeping poses... on his back with his tummy exposed so his jowls were hanging down showing his fangs, and of course there's the glowing, camera eyes - fairly grotesque, I think!

He wishes everybody a HAIRY, SCARY HALLOWEEN!


  1. Booooo! xo Cait and the dogs are hilarious!!!

  2. Are you sure this dog isn't a vampire!? He looks like Dracula's hairy cousin! Great pics.

  3. teeheee!! Love this. Will hafta show my young one... :)