Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of Trees and Birds

Living here in the NC woods definitely influences my art. All these trees, so beautiful in each season, and the birds which alight, sing, and nest in them... they fill my landscape, my soul, and now my canvases. It's not just the colors that I love, but the lines, the rhythms, the textures. It seems to be what I am painting these days. I finished a couple this week, which I listed already on Etsy. There's one 24 x 36 in the studio still in process... trees in the rain. And I'm thinking there's many more to come.

Some, perhaps from these photos taken yesterday, which was an absolutely perfect day... temps in the low 70s, sunny with a slight breeze, and oh that blue blue October sky! My son had come up to collect his dog, whom we'd had here "at camp" for about 2 1/2 weeks, and while he was here, he washed my car and his dad's truck... a chore neither my husband nor I enjoy! But I enjoyed the sun and Jesse's company, and got out the camera too.

This is Empi, my grandpuppy, named for a VW parts manufacturer...

And here are some oil paintings completed in the last couple of months...
After the Fire... 24 x 48

Waxwing Memories... 16 x 20... newly posted on Etsy

Morning Has Broken... 12 x 16 of a Wood Thrush... newly posted on Etsy

October Fire... 16 x 20... recently posted on Etsy

There's much goodness in country living. Y'all come!


  1. Love the new paintings and photos. Empi's a beauty! Thanks for sharing! I feel like I've had a short stroll in the woods!

  2. Really stunning work. October Fire is fantastic & so aptly titled. I agree Autumn is so inspiring.
    So nice to see your grandpup too. Sweet face!
    Take Care, Jo

  3. These paintings are truly gorgeous! I love your pictures and that sweet puppy too! : )