Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Beading Studio

Yesterday was again a rainy day, spilling even more of our colorful leaves to the ground, typical for what happens in November around here. This morning we woke up to a thick fog, which is really lovely in the fall. And now the sun is trying to break through, so perhaps it will be a beautiful, sunny autumn day by noon. Yippee! I'll be quite thankful for that.

Today I thought I'd share photos of my beading / jewelry studio, which is really a small loft space in our home. It's where I used to paint before we got that studio built... seen in the fog photo above. The loft is fairly small, approximately 5 x 8 feet, and is accessed by a small walkway from the main area of the upstairs. There's not a lot of room to turn around, but there's enough space for one dog (definitely not two!), who is often my shadow, or the cat, but of course she finds small cozy corners and spaces all over the house.

And the view from the the surrounding windows... well, it's perfect for color inspiration! The first photo is from the front window; the other two are from the large 6 x 4 window at the side. You can just begin to see the line of the mountain range in the background. Once all the leaves are down, it will be clearly visible.

A new necklace style in process... beading on leather (scraps left over from my husband's custom knife sheaths... waste not, want not!). I'll post the final product soon, I hope!


  1. What a wonderful little "crow's nest"! Love the leather necklace. I have tons of leather from a friend who worked at Tandy leather. It just sits there staring at me and begging to be "something"!! Love the colors and the window views in your loft!

  2. I love your working space! What a cozy space and such beautiful colorful views!

  3. Rebecca,
    What a lovely space you have for creating! I can only imagine the inspiration and peace you must feel by being surrounded by so natural beauty. Someday...I hope to have such a space to be creative in.
    Happy day my friend!

  4. I can almost feel the tranquility here!! :D
    LOVE the ample windows and the view!