Monday, October 12, 2009

Back from the show

You learn a lot when you do craft shows... specifically which ones to do and which ones not to do, which ones have buying customers, which ones have browsers, which ones have high quality art, which ones have folksy crafts. John and I had done the Shelton Vineyard's Harvest Festival show four years ago when it was first starting up and there were only 15 vendors. That year, it was a very windy weekend which meant our art, and that of our neighbors, blew off the tables and onto the ground over and over again (one of the chances you take with an outdoor show), but worse than that was that there were few patrons and even fewer actually interested in buying. We didn't even bother to go the second day, and neither did many of the other vendors. So we steered clear of the show for a couple years but decided to give it a try again this year after it had a chance to grow in vendors and publicity. While I had a few good sales at the beginning of the show on Saturday, it still did not prove profitable for us so we won't be returning as vendors. But what I will do is email my contact and let her know that our band would be very interested in playing next year... that would be a better way to go, I think. And then we could be the patrons who enjoy a tour of the winery and visiting the art booths while sipping wine!

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the event and the scenery. While Saturday was a very grey and again windy day with temps dropping as the day progressed, Sunday was a stunningly gorgeous October day with blues skies and sun, and we took the slow sales opportunity to visit with our neighbors. So we basked in the sun, had great conversation and a lot of laughs, and even shared some recipes! I also got a chance to talk up Etsy to them, so perhaps they'll open new shops online!

Here are a few photos from the event...

Folks enjoy the music, the wine, friendship...

Saturday's ominous skies...

Rows and rows of grape vines...

Sunday sky... quite a different story from the day before!

Our neighbor and his Japanese Akita (who was a big hit!) soaking up the rays...
How to pass the time on the trip home...

Next show... in two weeks! Much closer to home and only a one-day show. Last year there I did pretty well, so I'll keep my hopes up! And hopefully the weather will cooperate because it's an outdoor show too. And by then, this dreadful cold that I brought home with me on Saturday should be gone!


  1. Awww, Rebecca, hope you feel better!!! I'm down to only one craft fair a year at the end of August. Actually Etsy has turned out to be wonderful for me and I have to scramble to keep up! Good position to be in!!! Craft fairs are certainly hit or miss with people buying but they are invaluable for feedback and hands-on with people! xo Cait

  2. Oh yeah! Love the boots!!!! :) xo Cait

  3. Yeah, I love my boots too... it's all I wear except occasionally sandals in summer. As for shows, we always do one in May that is extremely good for us, and this year I did a new one in June that turned out pretty good and the one towards the end of October that's usually good. Other than that, I try to just do home shows and things with my art association. Thank goodness for friends who always come back for another pair of earrings or necklace! I'm glad Etsy has been so good for you, Cait... not so much me, but I'm hanging in there! At least I enjoy the online community of teams and artists I've "met"!

  4. Feel better soon and I love the boots too! I haven't done a show in a few years. They became like garage sales....lots of work...little reward! Hang in there with Etsy. We would miss you!

  5. I have nearly the exact smae shot of white tent tops swooping against bright blue skies... from MerleFest 2008! :)