Friday, June 18, 2010

Treasury Challenge

Yesterday I got an email from RoughMagicCreations who informed me that my High Hope Hollow painting was part of her newest treasury... and it went on to talk about this new challenge. PipingHotPapers has issued a treasury challenge on Etsy... and I gave it a try this afternoon as a way to relax after spending some time in the painting studio (two canvases now have fresh paint).

Here's the way it works:
You pick a word, any word, and do a search on Etsy using that word. You choose your first item from the list of works that come up; then you choose one of the tags on that first item and do a search with it, picking your second item from that list... and so on until you have all 16 spaces filled. When you post your treasury, you tell what your first word was and what your last word was.

I started with the search word EAGLE.. and other tags included waterfall, elegant, CASTteam, circle, sunset, crane... and lots more I can't remember now, but the last search word was ROMANCE.

Here's my treasury and the link to it...

While I miss the old way of doing treasuries and am not terribly fond of Treasury East, I did enjoy this fun challenge, and I hope you'll enjoy the items I've included!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. This is a totally beautiful treasury you made using those tags!!

  2. Oh wow, Rebecca! Your treasury is absolutely gorgeous, and nobody would every guess how you put it together! And you relaxed and had fun with it too. What could be better than that? xoxo

  3. It all works and is so beautiful. Very relaxing and love all the interesting shades of blue. Good Job!