Friday, June 4, 2010

Birdsong & Blooms

Tonight is opening night! The paintings have been hung and I am ready. My solo exhibit will officially begin this evening at 7:00 as part of the First Friday Gallery Hop in downtown Winston-Salem, and I'm pretty excited about it! Fifteen pieces are in the show and are for sale... all small works, many 12 x 12s, some 8 x 10s and a couple 6 x 12s. And as the show's name suggests, each painting features a bird or flowers, as is appropriate for the dusky aqua blue walls of Imagine Flowers, a gorgeous little flower shop filled with fragrance, lovely vases, and all things pretty, related to flowers, of course. These pieces will hang for the month of June, and with luck, I'll make a sale or two; at least I sure am hoping so... fingers crossed.

Here's to a good show and to a sale or two... or more! Stay tuned!


  1. Have a great show, Rebecca! I hope you sell everything!
    Best Wishes,

  2. Here's to a great show and lots and lots of sales. Rebecca, the universe is listening, dream big and say it out loud!

    Hope your daughter had a lovely birthday and I'll be thinking about you tonight.


  3. Best wishes to you Rebecca on a successful show...
    It all looks so lovely... the one to the left of your avatar especially caught my eye... i love the summer orange sun... shazam !

    THANKS for sharing !

  4. Wishing you every success tonight and all month long! And what a perfect venue for your exhibit of gorgeous Birds and Flowers! I'll be there in spirit you know. xoxoxoxoxo!

  5. Bestest of the Best for your Show Rebecca! I hope the walls of this lovely floral shop are bare by the end of June and all your beautiful and colorful work is creating happiness in other peoples homes!! and I'm there too, standing right beside Mollie and Joe....YAY!!

  6. All the best for your show Rebecca. It looks really beautiful and very striking :) Gwen xoxo

  7. How exciting! Here's to a great show and many sales.

  8. oh I hope you're having a fabulous time at your show right now!!!

    You're pieces just POP off that wall! So stunning! your work looks terrific! Happy Day!!

    lots of hugs!

  9. Wishing you much success!!! Looks beautiful:)

  10. Beautiful show. Much success! So colorful! Keep us posted.

  11. Love the way you've hung these. Lovely groupings! Can't wait to see in person