Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good Things Grow in Gardens

This morning I took my camera and my coffee out to the yard to enjoy the morning air and birdsong and to take some photographs of what is happening in our colorful little garden plots. I'm sorry to say that the photographs just can't truly capture the beauty of the morning with the breeze blowing through the zillions of trees surrounding our home and the song of the Wood Thrush cheering me along, the pale blue morning sky and the sheer peace of it all. It simply made me sigh with a deep contentment not often known for far too many people in this world, and I felt truly blessed and at one with myself, my creator, and my little piece of the world.

Here's what I found in the flower garden, which has a few fruit and veggie plants mixed in.

Hydrangeas, which I planted shortly after we moved here, so they went in the ground about 5 years ago... and finally, finally, they are blooming and filling this space with glorious bursts of color. If there was nothing else, these beauties would be enough.

And she isn't much, but this little volunteer marigold is dressed in such beautiful rich jewel tones...

Next... the veggies...

A new star in the garden...

And the tomato forest... we went a bit overboard, but we had visions of salsa, fresh tomato sauce, canned tomatoes with garlic and onions and peppers, and of course, tomato sandwiches... a summertime favorite! At the far end of this forest are the pepper plants, and we're looking forward to several varieties including Poblanos which I use for Beer-battered Stuffed Peppers (with cheese only or occasionally with corn too)... scrumptious!

And these babes in the woods... I don't know what variety they are since we planted several kinds.

Purple Cherokees on their way... if you haven't had this kind of tomato, seek it out... they are the best!

And our Beanie Babies, newly planted from seeds just last week, alongside the remaining romaine lettuce.

On the deck, we have two volunteer yellow squash plants, and we also have some baby squash in the garden, a few of which took a beating when we had a pretty harsh rainstorm come through.

And blueberries galore on our two bushes next to my studio... they won't be ready for another month or 5 weeks, but when they are... oh my goodness, fresh blueberries with yogurt, blueberry streusel, blueberry muffins, pie, jelly, and several bags frozen to enjoy throughout the year. There are even blueberries on the bushes we planted for Bruschi just a couple months ago. I was sure they wouldn't produce this year, but I think the spirit world is looking out for dear Bruschi!

So anyone for dinner?


  1. Yes, but it will be a few days before i can make it there for dinner !

    Everything looks to gorgeous and inviting. I cant believe your tomatoes are that big already... omg... yummy !!!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a slice of heaven you live in!! So beautiful. Bruschi is probably enjoying watching his blueberries grow!

  3. Just lovely, Rebecca. That many lovely flowers must have such a calming effect. Thanks for sharing the photos.


  4. Beautiful garden Rebecca! I love this time of year :) And your paintings in the previous post look so beautiful grouped together. I hope a few find new homes. Cheers & have a great week,

  5. wow Rebecca... I really do want to come see all this in person sometime! Mine is all a-tangle, but your garden looks so lush! Love the hydrangeas and daisies together. May have to borrow that combination idea in the future. I'm working on some new beds, but never seem to be home long enough to really get them as I want them. Thanks for sharing, as always.

  6. Oh, JOYOUS!! You live a charmed existence in a beautiful place, Rebecca. The hydrangeas are just beautiful and the veggie garden is such a marvel. You have so many sources from which to draw inspiration, you are a lucky duck!