Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures: Some Favorite Etsians

I've had my shop on Etsy for almost 18 months now, and during that time I've discovered some wonderful artists, jewelers, sellers, and friends. So I thought that today I would share a few of these with you.

I simply love this artist who has two shops, one vintage and one jewelry. Her photography for her vintage items is just beautiful and truly showcases the treasures that she's found. As 5gardenias...

And her handmade jewelry shop, kathiroussel, is just stunning as well... a mix of sterling silver and enameled work.

Littlebugjewelry creates fabulous jewelry as well, and I especially like her stacking rings.

Then there is the lovely copper work of RoughMagicCreations, whose jewelry is very earthy and always unique. And she's such a great Etsian too... very helpful and supportive!

This Etsy artist, phofun, creates really cool items such as small journals and photo albums, and I love her designs.

LBArtworks makes the most beautiful bags, and of course they appeal to me because of the nature and bird themes that she uses. So so gorgeous!

And the last one I'll share today... pumphousestudios who works in ceramics... see why I like this artist?

Stay tuned... I'll show you more of my favorites as the summer moves along. And remember, buy handmade, shop Etsy!


  1. Thank you SO much Rebecca!! I am honored to be included among these other fabulous Etsy shops!!

  2. Rebecca, as always, your blog has drawn me in! I know when I come here I'll be among friends and also find new favorites. Thank you so very much for including me among these truly amazing and talented artists! xoxo Mollie

  3. You have impeccable taste Rebecca !

    Could it be that you like birds ?
    tee hee,

  4. rebecca-- what a wonderful surprise to come home to-- and to be featured with lovely friends from team epe-- many thanks to you-- you may my day :) :) :) XO, kathi

  5. What a lovely Blog! Thanks so much for including my little painting! Cathy from Phofun!

  6. I count these shops and artists among my own favorites too. Etsy is a marvelous place, isn't it?

  7. Love those bags by LBArtworks!!!

  8. Thanks, Rebecca, for including my magpie platter with such talented company!! I love your blog, too-- you have a good eye for design in nature!

  9. Lovely Rebecca! Gorgeous pieces. I love the bird pieces too (no surprise). Each artisan is making beautiful items. Yeah handmade!