Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

Really? This cold in May? It's happened here before, and I didn't like it then and I don't like it now. But fortunately we had a cold rain today and not cold snow! And I know it will be warmer tomorrow, and I'm glad because I'm a little weary of fires in the woodstove, especially after I'd cleaned it out, dusted and vacuumed the corner the stove is in, and prettied the stove top up with art sculptures. But in the meantime, our cool weather plants are loving the past few days! Salad anyone? We've got lots of lettuce and spinach to go around! And snow peas on the way!

So while it's been chilly outside, I've spent some time searching around for some hot items on Etsy that I surely do admire. Take a closer look by clicking on the links.

A gorgeous woodcut print by AzureGrackle...

A lovely and unique wine-red necklace with sea glass by Astash...

A fun and floaty balloon T by BoosTees...

A fun red fox by abilgailbrown...

And a gorgeous porcelain vase by NewMoonStudio...

Remember... shop handmade, support artists, shop Etsy!


  1. Great picks. I love the vase by New Moon studio, what amazing glaze!
    I'm also very envious of your veggie patch - the wildlife here eats everything!
    thanks for the feature : )

  2. Yah... that red glaze is pretty spectacular... LOVE the fox and that necklace is waycool :)

  3. The bordeaux reds warm the heart! Good for these chilly and rainy May days!

  4. Wonderful red finds! Thank you!!!

  5. beautiful finds rebecca! it's been chilly here this week as well and these warmed me right up! happy day,

  6. All beautiful finds! It's been chilly here too in TN. Your greens look wonderful.

  7. Great items from Etsy! Your garden looks so lush and beautiful. Wish I had planted some cool weather veggies but we rarely have a cool spring here in Georgia. This year we did but who knew?
    Not me!