Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paintings in the Studio

In various stages, there are 5 canvases in progress in my studio. Here's a glimpse of four of them in their current state...

My Mountain Home, 18 x 24

Leaves of Love, 12 x 12

And here's the inspiration for Leaves. I'm not sure what kind of shrubbery this is, but it resides just beyond the back fence, near my husband's tobacco-barn-turned-shop, and I've always loved its heart-shaped leaves.

Carolina Wren, 18 x 24

And a little as yet untitled 8 x 10 landscape which could very possibly change quite a bit...


  1. Excellent work, Rebecca! So much energy and joy. Especially love the colors in "My Mountain Home" and the design in "Carolina Wren" is definitely going to get some attention! Thank you- I'm inspired :)

  2. Beautiful work, Rebecca. So, it seems painters have a similar process to jewelry designers. I am always working on more than one thing at once. And, even if I have production work to do, I spend a bit of time with something out of the box.


  3. Beautiful work. I particularly like the wren and the trees. Two of my favorite things in nature.

  4. Thanks for sharing your process... it'll be cool to see the results :)

    Sorry if i've been a wee bit slow from my end... i've been quite overwhelmed with SEO studies and getting things right on ArtFire... all the whilst trying to get some answers from Etsy to no avail. I sure do appreciate your sweet support and attention !

  5. The first one is my favourite, love the intensity of the colours.