Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Products This Week

I live in an area surrounded by many vineyards and wineries, and I do one show a year at a festival to celebrate Autumn Harvests at Shelton Vineyards. So I have decided it's time to begin working on a new product for this show in particular, but also for the Etsy shop and any other local shows that I do. Can you guess what this product is? If you guessed Knee Deep Wines, you guessed wrong... although hey... that might be a fun new venture for the next decade. I like the sound of the name too, don't you?

This new product is much simpler... wine glass charms. I worked with one of my favorite glass bead sellers on Etsy, LindenAvenueDesigns, and she created custom lampwork beads for me. I wanted to work in themes, so the colors I chose were based on those themes. I think these will be fabulous gifts for weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries... and of course they're perfect for those summer dinner parties and gatherings. Here's what I have so far. Where the themes are highlighted, they are for sale in the shop. Others will be listed today or tomorrow.

My first set... Spring... now resides in the gift shop at a local gallery. It's a set of four in the happy colors of pink, aqua, ecru, and yellow and accented with crystals and seed beads

Earth and Sky... a set of four in cobalt, pale blue, rich brown, and spring green, accented with Swarovsky crystals and seed beads

Summer Flowers... a set of six in bright, cheery floral tones, accented with an orange gemstone round and seed beads

Fiesta!... a set of six in turquoise, red, orange, yellow, green, and cobalt, accented with silver swirls and seed beads

Sand and Sea... a set of four in royal blue, gray, sand, and aqua, accented with a mother of pearl oval bead and seed beads

Elements... a set of four in Wind (very pale pink), Earth (moss green), Fire (orange-red), and Water (cobalt), accented with gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and seed beads

These have been a nice change of pace for me, and I believe they will sell, at least at the local wine shows! But today, there is sunshine and warmth after three cool and rainy days, so I'm heading out to the painting studio... with a big smile on my face!


  1. Best wishes with your new product... love how some of the beads are spiral made !

  2. Hi Rebbeca! I love your new products. So pretty and I think they will sell as well, especially at the wine festival. The photographs look fantastic! Good luck!

    I was thinking a nice name for your wine making next decade... Knee Deep In Grapes... ha ha with a picture of feet from the knee down stomping on grapes as part of the logo! ok, well maybe it goes along with all my other hair brained ideas ;)

    ps. my momma cat and her wild kittens are no where to be found.

  3. Hi girls! Yes, I love the spirals... I've used spirals in a lot of my artwork, so the beads seemed perfect. And I do like the Knee Deep in Grapes name, Jaime. I guess your mama cat carried off her kittens to a new location. Hope they didn't get trapped by Animal Control... we know what that means.

  4. What a perfect idea for the show at the winery! I love them all, especially the beachy hues.

  5. Love these Rebecca!! So pretty and happy! Can't wait until September to have some wine!! :) xoxo Cait

  6. I'm a little late in commenting, but these are beautiful. So contemporary and gorgeous colors!