Monday, May 3, 2010

And the Winner is....

.....<<<<<.....DRUMROLL.....>>>>>..... Brizel Handcrafts!
There weren't too many entries, but hey, that makes for better odds for those who did enter! On this very windy and drizzly morning a dear friend stopped by, and after enjoying some coffee and homemade blueberry muffins, she picked the winning name from a small basket and then took a few pictures of me wearing the necklace.

Nicole of Brizel Handcrafts posted that the colors of this piece reminded her of her dog Nimue, whose life was recently celebrated by Nicole and many of her close friends shortly after Nimue's death, and of Brigit the celtic fire goddess. She said that she would wear this necklace "in ceremony in February to celebrate Imbolc/St. Brigits day which is when i do healing work for all the women that i know" and also on Nimue's birth and death days.

So cheers to Nicole and I hope this necklace suits those celebrations and the healing work that you do!

Stay posted for more giveaways. I enjoy doing them, and since I'm phasing out some of my jewelry styles, there will be many more to come! It's a great way to share those pieces that have been in stock for a while and need a good home!


  1. Congratulations, Nicole! Rebecca, what a great idea!

  2. WOW I feeeeeeel so honored to have won !

    Who would have known ? lol. THANK YOU SO MUCH and I'm sure i will be VERY inspired to take photos when i receive this AWESOME piece of jewelry. I'll report back I promise :) I'm soooooooo excited !

  3. Beautiful necklace! & yay that Nicole won ;-)

  4. What a gorgeous necklace and it DOES look like her dog Nimue's colors :>) Sincere thanks to Knee Deep Studios for giving my friend Nicole a much needed nice suprirse.

  5. Great news for Nicole! Lucky girl! Love that yellow, it is such a unique piece.

  6. My dear Rebecca,
    At long last I made it down the mountain yesterday and picked up your love packet !

    With the rising of the sun this morning and with his rays beaming down on the land- i held your gorgeous necklace up in the sunshine to fully appreciate all of its glorious colors, textures, shapes and sparkles. What a sight to behold... so bountiful in nature's beauty... and so much wonder and joy in its making could be felt... thou art such a creatrix of beauty !

    I loved every moment of its unveiling... enjoying the sealed packet's exterior front & back, the gift wrap with all its bells & whistles, to the final moment of holding the necklace in my hands. It is more beautiful than any picture could capture and it hangs on my neck as if it had been custom made for me. The clincher was opening your card and reading its contents- such sweetness of soul expressed.

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH :) what a delight and blessing you are !
    xox Nicole