Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Paintings... Springtime Joy!

Bright color is returning to the landscape and it feels so good! Getting into the painting studio has been a real treat for me lately, and here are the results:

The Grace of Morning Light... a meadowlark and a mockingbird share space in this 24 x 30 oil celebrating early mornings filled with birdsong.

Spring Jubilee... a vibrant little 6 x 12 oil full of joy.

Wildflower Dance... another 6 x 12 oil with a muted aqua green background and cheery red wildflowers... will be listing on Etsy today.

And in a different vein, this one in progress, just begun today, of the meadow where I do some dog-walking on a regular basis. So perhaps I'll put a dog in there once this paint is dry.


  1. WOW....these are all beautiful, but The Grace of Morning Light is my favorite! The background is jumping off the canvas! Great movement and color!

  2. ooooo I like all of these, I can't pick a favorite :)

    Rebecca, if you ever do get chickens... please please post it! I think there is something romantic about it too. It sounds like your husband(?) is behind you it... mine is not :( I definitely want to know about your poop collector you were telling me about ;) thanks for posting on my blog :)