Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fine Spring Day

Yippee! It seems that spring is making her way into the hills of North Carolina, and it makes me want to sing! I woke this morning and for the first time in months did not have to build a fire in the woodstove. Though the temperature outside at 7 am was about 36, it felt warm enough in the house from last night's fire, especially when I dressed and put on a loose wool cardigan.

Abby and I went outside this morning and did a little looking around. Well, she sniffed, I looked. And here are a few things I discovered, along with the most beautiful spring blue sky.

Daffodils about to burst...

Blueberries budding...

Yellow-bellied sapsucker in the walnut tree...

The peach tree just beginning to bud...

With all this gorgeous color abounding in the yard, I just have to get into the painting studio today. I've been working on the ivory etchings for a couple weeks now, and I have truly enjoyed it... but now it's time for color and the smell of oil paints.

I hope you enjoy your day as I know I'm going to enjoy mine!


  1. What great inspiration! It feels so warm here too. . .I think I appreciate spring more and more every year:)

  2. I just love these photos!

    I noticed my blueberry bush (I've only got one remaining after these past few years of drought) has buds all over it today too. Daffs and crocus seem to put up a new bud or bloom daily... Forsythia is now showing tiny golden buds... Spryria bursts into bloom anytime the temp is above 40 (at least these that I have do!)...

    Yay, spring!

  3. Wow, exciting to see spring coming. Just lovely photos. Enjoy the coming bloom!

    Warm thoughts,