Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Portrait Listings Coming Soon...

I hope everyone in the US enjoyed a festive Thanksgiving and appreciated time with family and friends! Christmas will soon be here... so hard for me to believe, but I've been doing a little shopping on Etsy this morning because I realize I just can't wait any longer!!!

I'll be heading out to the studio soon to get started on a new canvas, but before I do... here are a couple things soon to be listed on Etsy.

BLACK BEAUTY... Even grackles can be merry and bright! This is a 12 x 12 oil on canvas with edges painted.

I don't often paint people, but I will if I have in my hand a very clear photograph and a good description of the characteristics and personality of the subject. So I will list an item for a CUSTOM PORTRAIT with these as examples.

Mommy's Girl... 9 x 12

Wedding Day... 18 x 24

Music Man... 16 x 20

Child in Blue... 24 x 30

Happy weekend, and happy shopping, everyone!


  1. Oh I just love Black Beauty!
    I think custom portraits are such a priceless gift, what a wonderful holiday idea.

  2. Mommy's Girl is amazing! I love her piercing eyes and wispy hair. Custom portraits are a great gift idea. Good Luck!

  3. How did I miss this one!? The raven... just stunning!

    According to some Native American/Earth Medicine horoscope I once had, that is my animal sign. They always make me pause a moment and wonder..