Thursday, November 5, 2009

Knee Deep in Cottonfields

This week has seen lovely weather in our neck of the woods... sunny, clear days and at least earlier in the week... temps in the low 70s. The past couple days have been cooler with nights down around 30 degrees, but I have truly been enjoying the sun and blue skies.

On Monday, my husband took me on a field trip to some cottonfields in Germanton, a small town about 25 minutes away. You'd think that since I've lived in North Carolina for most of my life, I would've had this experience before. But not so! This was a first for me, and it was amazing! I was as excited as a little kid at Christmas!

From a distance, it looked like a fresh field of snow... a strange juxtaposition with the autumn trees and blue sky.

The plants were bursting with the fluffy white balls of ever-so-soft cotton.

I couldn't believe the feel of fresh-picked cotton in my hands and against my skin.

Of course there were seeds mixed in, and I could see how picking cotton would not be an easy job by hand... all the stooping and the scratches and sore fingers. But still, it made me dream about having my own cottonfield and creating organic products from this really wonderful plant. Ah... dreams are the stuff of life.


  1. Wow!!! Rebecca!!! This is so fabulous!! Something I have never seen before either! The plants are bursting with loveliness--wonderful pictures!!! xo Cait

  2. Amazing, what a thing to see & touch. Such a beautiful plant. Where would we be without it? Great shots.

  3. Great photos! My mother picked cotton on the family farm while my dad fought in WWII. She didn't have much good to say about the experience! It is hard work. We are so fortunate to only visit cotton fields by choice! They are beautiful.