Monday, November 30, 2009

Late November Sunrise

This morning when I woke up, I could see a gorgeous sky from the windows stretching across the front of our small home. Normally I would have lingered in a bed a few more minutes, at least until the coffee that my husband graciously makes every morning was finished brewing. But that sky was too beautiful, so I climbed out from the covers, threw on a pair of cords, grabbed my camera from my desk, and trooped downstairs ready to capture a few decent shots. At that time of the day, the sky changes so quickly that you must act immediately! So here are a few pictures...

This was what I first saw... the colors just beginning to come over the horizon against a still-dark sky. Because my photo was not clear, I did some photoshop work.

But the sky changed quickly, with stormy clouds building, and so I grabbed the camera again and shot these...

I hope you were able to take a few minutes to enjoy the grace of a new day beginning. If not, you can at least share in the beauty of mine.


  1. Nice shots, Rebecca! And it is still my morning here, so it was lovely to see NC sunrise..and your photos as I was getting going..!

  2. Rebecca, you certainly live with beauty!!! xo

  3. All these photos are beautiful, but the third one really stirred something in my heart. Maybe its the clouds with the haunting tree silhouettes. You should make prints of this! It's gorgeous!

  4. Wow - you are so blessed and a blessing for sharing these photos! Thanks!

  5. these are so beautiful! wow... you get up really early ;)