Monday, November 9, 2009

Garden's End

Today has been another lovely day in a string of warm, October-like days. I have loved this weather... more like autumn than October was! I did some yard work today, clearing out dead vines, raking, cleaning out the gutters... and I picked the final veggies out of the garden. Sad to see that end, but it sure was good while it lasted! And we'll be enjoying these fresh peppers in some yummy meals this week! Nothing like a little heat to liven up a meal!

Summer has its fresh greens... but autumn has its own earthy, rich colors... a perfect background for the last bowl of veggies from the garden.

And from a different point on the color wheel...let's not forget that gorgeous blue, autumnal sky... the background for one of our persimmon trees... ripe red fruit still hanging on. Our dogs love to eat these when they fall to the ground!

Until tomorrow, when I'll post my Tuesday's Treasures, have a great evening!


  1. Love the veggies, Rebecca!! YUM! And hope your recording session went well!! xo Cait

  2. Oh my, Rebecca! Your photos are so beautiful and vivid I'm tempted to reach right through my screen and grab myself a garden fresh pepper or two! Yummy!
    :) Mollie

  3. I love those colors--it looks like you live in or near paradise!