Friday, September 18, 2009

Up and Running

I've been telling myself it's time for a blog for quite a few months now. Well, here it is... a rainy, cool September morning, not much light for painting but good weather for computer work. It's quiet, all the critters are napping, and John, my sweetheart of a husband, is in the barn working on his custom knives.

We've had rain for three days now, and it's supposed to continue through the weekend. Lack of light is hard on me, but it does make for some nice photos. Photography is a hobby for me. Occasionally I sell a photo or two in a gallery or gift shop or to a friend, but really, it's what I use for inspiring paintings or jewelry.

Here are a few photos from my yard and garden this rainy morning...


  1. Hey Rebecca! Fabulous blog! I love your photos--they are very inspiring--those colors!!! I can see a scarf in all those colors! Those look like way yummy pears, by the way! xoxo Cait

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Incredible photographs! Welcome to blogger land.
    Hope the rain eases up soon.

  3. Great start to your blog! These photos really do capture the feeling of a rainy autumn morning.
    Julie :)

  4. Wow, Rebecca, this is gorgeous. You have done so much more on yours in so little time. I'm jealous and have to get to work on my site!!! It is a beautiful blog and I will look forward to tuning in on a regular basis.

  5. Hi Rebecca, the Treasury Queen, now working on Blog Queen! WTG! I look forward to following along...thank you for the invite! Here's wishing you sunny days soon...:) Hugs Cait too! :) Ny.

  6. Love your rainy day photos. I suppose that's what I should have been doing for the last two or three weeks that it has been raining here.
    Like the clean, uncluttered look of your blog. Makes me want to go tidy up mine a bit!

  7. Thanks, everybody, for your sweet comments and support! This is a whole new ballgame for me! And by the way, I am pleased to report that the sun is peeking out... there's a wee bit of blue sky out there! Whether it lasts or not, I don't know... I'm just grateful for it right now!

  8. Welcome to the blogosphere, Rebecca! Looking forward to seeing what you'll share with us. :) COngrats on taking the step- woot!

    PS Lovely pics- a great start!