Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Musings... Grey Skies Turn Blue

Yesterday morning I woke up again to grey skies, but finally around mid-morning the beautiful autumn blue came 'round. It was a perfect day with a slight wind and temps in the low 70s! I hurried on down to the studio and availed myself of the gorgeous natural light that flooded through the windows and the open door! I relished the warm air, my busy hands, the scent of the oils, the bird song, my cat who came in to nap in the sun, even the insects who floated in and out, their little wings buzzing and echoing through the space. Everything seems better when the sun comes out after two weeks of rain and fog! Here is my latest painting in progress... Waxwing Memory...

Here's a couple other photos that I shot last Thursday during a very brief period of pale sunlight... This fence lizard was a tiny little guy... probably about 4 inches from top of head to tip of tail... so precious!

And this beauty is an okra blossom... simply exquisite!

There is so much beauty around us and sometimes we neglect to see it, or are simply too busy and rushed... all the intricate patterns of nature, the comings and goings of the seasons, and yes, even in the grey days there is beauty. Here's a link to a treasury I posted last night on Etsy... a tribute to the misty mornings...

Here are a couple others in which my work is featured...

by theBeadAerie... in the Pink WOO HOO... THIS ONE MADE FRONT PAGE ON MONDAY NIGHT!!

by cherrylippedroses... He loves me

by JulieWebb... Pretty Pinks for a Dreary Day

by monarchdancer... cream and cocoa

by ilashdesign... oh, baby, baby

Enjoy your Monday... and whatever weather you have where you live! Go share a smile, offer a hand, create something beautiful, sing a song, breathe deeply...


  1. Happy Monday, Rebecca!!! Lovely work as usual!! It's been gray here too but I still have hopes for a ride later! :) xo Cait

  2. I think all the rain we had has headed your way, Cait! Hope you get in your ride!

  3. Wow, those are some gorgeous treasuries! Your misty one is amazing, just so beautiful. Happy Monday! :)

  4. We are finally having a sunny day just like yours! Blue sky, cool autumn breeze, low 70's! I'm ecstatic! Your "fence lizard" is marked like my "summer lizards" which live under a large rock in the front yard. I love watching them. They are so smart. I try to rescue the babies if they wander into the house. With three cats, it's dangerous. Hope you post Waxwing Memory on Etsy. Love to see it. Great treasury with my favorites...mist and fog!