Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life at Our Home

Rain rain rain... our home, built by our hands and those of our fathers, in the fog and the rain

Beautiful flowers from a veggie plant in the garden...

Our oldest baby, still at home... Abby (all the human ones are on their own!)

Middle baby... Scout... she loves to help out in the garden!

Youngest baby... Bruschi... we love all 90 pounds of him!

And a misty morning view from behind our home...


  1. Beautiful, Rebecca! The views, your wonderful home!, your babies!! Was it Bruschi who was sick? Sending good thoughts for him! xo Cait

  2. Yes, Bruschi is the one who had all the seizures in that one stretch of time. It took some time, but he has now adjusted to his new meds and thank goodness we have our happy, sweet, playful dog back again!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful live in a magical house with scenery beyond compare! All your babies are beautiful. I can see Scout was a "model" for your painting. Have a great week!

  4. All my "kids" have at one time or another been the subject of a painting. They are very good models!

  5. Rebecca, what ethereal and beautiful pictures! :) Looks like a magical place! And such cute furbabies! :)