Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hey, the sun came out today after 8 straight days of grey, rainy weather, perhaps to gloriously celebrate the birthday of my son!! On the cusp of Virgo and Libra... my son is foremost a very balanced young man, but also creative and passionate. He's a photographer and has always had a good eye for things, and he's a lover of VWs. He makes a habit of collecting them, trading them, fixing them, selling them, driving them. In honor of his 24th birthday, here's a few of his personal photos... these are NOT ones he would sell... I'll leave that to him to post.. but they are still kinda cool!

This is his current ride...

This is a bus that he pulled out of the woods at our friend's farm, fixed, and drove to Florida for a VW show.

And one final unique shot... from the farm...


  1. Wow, 24! Happy Birthday! I had two VWs, one just like the top picture but green and one a baby blue with black convertible top! sigh! That was my absolute favorite!! Brings back memories, Rebecca!! Is the above a guest house? Looks way cool!! xo Cait

  2. Happy Birthday! Those photos are so cool!

  3. That'd be a guest outhouse.... LOL! Ah, life in rural NC!

  4. Happy B-day to your son. He sounds like a very cool guy (I almost wrote "dude" that shows my age!). I love VW's too! My best friend in high school had one and we stuffed six football players into it one night for a trip to the drive-in! Very interesting memory! Love the "outhouse"!

  5. Oh My! I don't know about an outhouse, Rebecca, with all that glass! LOL!! xo Cait