Friday, December 4, 2009

A Weekend of Art

Wow... it's going to be a busy weekend 'round here... full of artful happenings.

Tonight is the opening reception of Winter Showcase, an all-member show for the holiday season at Associated Artists in Winston-Salem, NC. It's going to be fantastic, I know, because I was there in the gallery on Tuesday helping to set up and I got a preview of all the fabulous art and gift shop items for sale! Along with the jewelry that I keep inventoried in the gift shop, I will have two paintings in the show. These are part of my Women in Seasons series and are named for women in my community of local friends.

Emily in Twilight Snow, 2009, is 24 x 36, and named for the mother of four children, the youngest being born in May of this year. She is the most natural mother I have ever met...

Julie's Spring Dance, 2009, is also 24 x 36, and named for one of the most jubilant, colorful, and vibrant women I know...

Also this weekend is a holiday bazaar at my little community church where visitors will find not only my jewelry and my smaller paintings and photographs, but also scrapbooks ready for personal use, notecards, ornaments, handknitted and crocheted goods, artwork by another fantastic artist, wine glass gift sets, custom-made knives, baked goods, gift certificates for local music lessons by two fabulous musicians, and lots more. This takes place on Sunday afternoon. Here are photos of a few things I will have for sale:

Aztec Morning... necklace and earring set...

Stormy Weather earrings...

Winter Roses bracelet and earring set...

And in between these two events, I will be with the band, working once again on recording and mixing original songs! So there will be little time to slow down, but it's going to fun, festive, and inspirational, and I'm looking forward to each part of the weekend.

And... one last thing... I am entered in the November Challenge on the Etsyveg Team blog, and I would love your vote, if you haven't yet voted. Click on this link to see the entries and vote. Thanks!

Hope you all enjoy a fabulous weekend as well... and if you're local, come check out Winter Showcase and our Holiday Bazaar at Danbury Community Church!


  1. It's a wonder your head doesn't explode from all the artistic activity going on in there!! What a great time to be in NC and enjoying all the fellowship and fun! Have a great weekend and good luck with the sales!

  2. SO hate that I missed our festive evening!! I've heard many good things though - and am hoping to see continued activity now thru the 23rd!

  3. Goodness, Rebecca...and you PAINT too? I've heard it said that talented people are often talented in many ways. You are a true living testament to that.
    In awe,