Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Five Fabulous Finds... X 2 (almost)

This week's post of my favorites on Etsy features members from the Etsyveg Team... a team committed to a healthy diet and responsible and ethical treatment of animals and the earth. I am proud to be a member of this team and to showcase some of the fantastic work produced by these folks! The theme is green because the team is dedicated to caring for the planet.

If you like what you see, be sure to follow the link to these items in the Etsy shops... all are very reasonably priced and would be perfect for a gift, or for you!

A Long Walk choker by PrettyinPeace

Margarita Soap by krugsecologic

Mother of Pearl and Crystal earrings by naturalartist

Cucumber Oakmoss Massage Candle by chickscratch

Birds on a Wire enamel pendant by AnnabellaDesigns

Okay, I know that's five, but there's more... just because it's my blog and my choices... so enjoy these too!

Chartreuse Pillow by ravissant

The Owl and the Wind linocut by bluecicada

Brown and Green Dangle Earrings by lochristine

A Breath of Fresh Air photograph by aktie9

Until next week, remember to buy handmade and shop Etsy! Happy Holidays, everybody!


  1. I love green. These would definitely make a great treasury, Rebecca!

  2. Very pretty! Nice photography, everyone! :-)

  3. Beautiful finds - love them all :)

  4. Love it! Green is definitely one of my favorite colors!

  5. Great selection and green is my favorite color. Many thanks for the inclusion. I'm now following your blog too! :D

  6. Thank you for having my breathe of fresh air photo here on your lovely blog, with all these lovelies! Great stuff everyone! XOXO :)

  7. Etsy is so chock full of content and lovely things, sometimes it is a challenge to see the forest for the trees. Rebecca, you have opened my eyes here not only to some lovely shops that are new to me, but also to the Etsyveg team. I'm off now to investigate further! Thank you, my friend.