Monday, December 28, 2009

Photos from Christmas Morning

We were blessed to have all three of our grown kids home with us on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. My youngest is a photographer, and after a wonderful Christmas brunch and the opening of gifts, he got out the camera and had fun with an interesting lens, capturing several aspects of the family, the home, and the grounds. I hope you enjoy his photos which will give you a chance to look around our place a bit.

Our home from the hill behind the house. In the yard you can also see our "doggie deck and private room" for when the dogs spend time in the fenced yard.

Our source of heat... a soapstone woodstove that works wonders!

Looking up... directly above the ceiling where the globe lights hang is my 5 x 8' beading studio, part of the old home construction which we decided to keep intact, and am I glad!

The family gathered round the stove. At the top of the stairs is our bedroom and my small office. Also upstairs is a very large bathroom and laundry facility with skylight. And my beading space.

Our dog Bruschi... in one of his favorite poses in one of his favorite observation spots... at the sliding doors where he can see all the comings and goings (and there usually aren't many!).

Jesse's dog, Empi... in the shot, our cat's built-in scratching post.

Empi in the snow... which at this point had been around for a week.

My studio... with painting in progress

John's workshop... side additions added last spring and summer... room for his forge!

Inside the workshop where John makes knives and occasionally works on cars and motorcycles.

John's source of heat... the old Carolina Pride, from way back in the day!

And now I hear the woodsplitter outside my window, singing away... a call for me to go out and help with this never-ending winter chore!


  1. Ahhhh, Rebecca, your home looks like it is full of love!!! So nice to have family around for all the holidays!!! Love your studio--instead of a studio for me I have just taken over the entire house! :) But when I recover from surgery I am cleaning house from top to bottom and lightening my load here and getting rid of things I don't really need!!!

    Have a wonderful New Year full of health and happiness!! xoxo Cait

  2. I love to peek into people's lives. Thanks for sharing. Your son's work is great. I've never seen such a clean and orderly studio! Lucky you! Mine is a mess.

    Happy New Year! ~Jaime

  3. Rebecca, you live in heaven itself. I loved this chance to peek over your shoulder. Your son has quite a knack there. Empi next to the scratching post is unreal!

  4. Love your home! You wouldn't consider adopting me would ya! Ho Ho Ho! The new camera lens gives me a bit of vertigo, but really intriguing and fun. The animals are adorable! So pensive and shy! Thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas! I agree with live in a heavenly place!

  5. Love these photos!!! What a wonderful place to be. Your home glows, filled with your warm spirit - even shining thru these pictures... Hope to see you soon!
    Peace ~

  6. Rebecca your house looks warm and cosy with your fire! and I especially like Bruschi at his looking post and Empi by the scratchpost.
    Have a lovely New Year for 2010, wishing you happiness, good health and prosperity, kind regards, Annette

  7. had to come back and look at these again. The photos are just fabulous!! Love the effect of his lens. Just too cool!! :)

  8. I love ALL of the pictures you posted!!
    Here's to an inspiring and happy 2010!

  9. Very cool lens effect! The sepia effect in the shot of Empi is wonderful. Your menagerie of furry friends is fantastic & your home is so cozy, thanks for sharing. Happy & Prosperous New Year!