Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking for Spring?

My mother in law called on Monday just as I was out in the yard, phone in pocket, camera in hand, taking some photos of the amazing things happening in my yard. She said that in Pennsylvania, there had just been new snow and it was sleeting. Eegads... I sure felt blessed to be out in the sunshiny 70 degree weather of North Carolina and enjoying the first day of a promising spring season. And it made me realize that so many of my web friends are still in the throes of winter. So I decided to share some of those photos I took the other morning, as well as a couple from over the weekend. Hope it brings cheer and hope to those of you who still are experiencing the cold weather of winter.

                                               Apple Tree Blossoms

The Many Faces of Daffodils

Our Peach Tree, still hanging on with one branch of blossoms

Pear Tree Blossoms

Our Much-Loved Home

And what would March be without kite-flying on a Sunday afternoon?

Here's to spring, rebirth, colors, and hope!


  1. Oh so lovely!
    Great photos!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Rebecca! Your place is just gorgeous! I love all the photos and definitely think you need to add them to your shop!

  3. Oh my, Rebecca!!! Just what I needed--yes we still have some snow in the shady places in the woods and your flowers fill me with joy!!! Thanks! xo

  4. Oh Rebecca, I love the new look of your blog!!! And thank you so very much for sharing your lovely springtime photos with us! Yes, we're still waiting out the winter up here, and your beautiful post restores our faith that spring will come! xoxo

  5. Wow! Almost didn't recognize your new blog remodel. Very nice! Great photos! Our Texas Daffodils and Tulips are springing up all over. The old liveoak tree is sprinkling its greenish yellow "fairy dust" on everything! It's almost as magical as Autumn!

  6. Lovely blog re-do, wonderful photos, a vote for adding photos to your etsy shop, for sure, Rebecca!

  7. Beautiful Rebs! Love the birds flying. I felt right at home! Your husband's knives are beautiful.

  8. Beautiful shots Rebecca! Spring has really sprung in your neck of the woods :)