Saturday, April 2, 2011

New for April

Can you believe it?  April is here!  Warm weather will soon stay around for good!  And I'm so ready for it.

But before I go any further, let me announce the winner of my Springtime Giveaway... Monica!  Congrats to her.  Her new watercolor is on its way.  Thanks to all those who entered... and stay tuned.  There will be more giveaways as the year rolls along.

I've been busy lately with lots of music.  Our band has a gig this evening, another at the end of the month, and also on Mother's Day weekend.  And I've got a solo gig in mid-May too.  But I've been working on new paintings, and I've even added a new section to the Etsy shop... photography.  Here's what I've been up to in the visual arts arena.

Oriole Dreams of Sunlit Trees....


Shy Summer Grosbeak...

Afternoon Shadows... a fine art photograph... quiet mystery.

 The Journey... a fine art photograph ... soul travels

Okra Blossom... a fine art photograph... a true beauty from our 2010 veggie garden

Sharing the Garden... a fine art photograph... a surprise in my summer flower garden in 2010

There will be more photos to come, and of course more paintings.  Until then, enjoy the month of April, love the one you're with, and share a smile with a stranger.


  1. Rebecca, paintings and photographs are absolutely captivating! Perfect for April and for us okra lovers too.

    And Monica, doggone it! Congrats to you, you lucky peep!

    So now I can't make up my mind whether to fry okra or enjoy a good pout. Hmmmm ... maybe I'll do both. :D

  2. I love okra flowers as well... they are particularly beautiful :) and speaking of beauty- lots of eye candy here, Rebecca. Your Grosbeak is already in an EFA Team T !

  3. I am glad you are busy with all things beautiful. Don't you just come alive in spring?

    I've been working in the garden today and hope to get the lettuce and rainbow swiss chard in by the end of the week.


  4. Love the okra blossom picture! And the summer grosbeak is so cool. I've been lumping him in with the sparrows outside my window, but should have known him by his little stubby beak!

    Your photographs and paintings are all wonderful. There's just no end to the inspiration to be found right outside in the garden.