Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Birds... Swirling with Life

Summer Birds Series, No. 1...  9 x 12
A new series of watercolors / mixed media, these have been much fun for me.  I love the colors and the swirls, and I'm envisioning many more to come, and other series with this same style.... kitchen appliances?  food?  garden goodies?  Any suggestions, anyone?

Summer Birds Series, No. 3... 4 x 6

Summer Birds Series, No. 2... 4 x 6

Summer Bird Series, No. 4... 4 x 6


  1. Hi Rebecca:- Lovely, these are! I do have a suggestion: Make and offer them as prints..

  2. I ADORE these Rebecca ! Not only are the birds just grand... i love the spirals- truly a great combo... wishing you success with them. perhaps a card set one day ?


  3. Really lovely, Rebecca ... the last little chubby guy is my favorite!
    Happy summer to you.