Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Around the House

Visual artistic endeavors have been minimal of late for a few reasons: 1) I've had some shoulder issues and have been trying to let that heal and using my arm for painting and scrimshaw doesn't allow for healing; 2) I've been spending more time on music and have been practicing with three bands, all quite different; 3) it's summertime and that means I've been spending lots of time outdoors in the garden and with the chickens; and finally 4) I have a solo exhibit in Banner Elk that I'll be hanging on June 25 with a reception that evening, so I've been preparing for that.  Preparations have included creating promo materials as well as a slide show presentation, which will include some of my music.

In light of that month-long exhibit and show, I'll be closing my Etsy shop for several weeks... so if you're interested in anything, now's the time to buy... before it all gets carted further up into the mountains of North Carolina.

While my other activities have kept me busy, it's hard not to work visually, so that means I've been taking photographs of things around the house and in the yard. Because I feel that I gain insight into others by how they decorate and what they collect, what kinds of things fill their homes, I decided I'd give you a little view of what you might see if you stepped into my home.  And yes, there's dust.

Kitchen Windowsill... wine cork from Bully Hill Vineyards in New York

Coffee Time

Glass Objects in Dining Area Window

Lizard (a gift from a wonderful friend) and The Boss

Clay Lizard and Leaf in the Kitchen/Dining Area

Ummm.... Kitchen Sink 

Mike Mussina (my daughter's), Bottles Awaiting Hanging in the Bottle Tree, and a Lizard Plate (another gift)

More Windowsill Objects with a Flower Made by My Son

On the Back Porch, where we spend most of our down town in the summer, Potted Flowers

And One of Many Rock Cairns

In the Living Area, Chinese Lanterns

I'll continue to share bits and pieces of my home in the next post.  Until then, enjoy life in the summertime, kiss the ones you love, and share a smile with a stranger.

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  1. Okay, it's settled.....I need to be adopted so I can come and live with you in your wonderful home!! This is so beautiful. You are an inspiration to move my dust around and display more eyecatchers. Recently, an Oprah show emphasized the importance of beautiful little areas that "rest the eye" and are peaceful and calming. You have certainly achieved this! Thank you for inviting us to your home. Hope your shoulder is much much better and congrats on the upcoming show! Take care, Janette