Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What are you waiting for?

Each of us waits for something ... for that special partner, for spring... or summer or fall or winter, for a better job, for a few minutes of peace and quiet. The list is as varied as the colors in our world.

I seem to be longing for spring lately, although I think I might be happy with one more big snow. But after a weekend of sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 50 and lower 60s, I definitely got a taste of spring fever. So this newest artistic creation speaks to that quiet longing for afternoons in the garden and morning walks in the woods surrounded by birdsong.

This piece, called Waiting for Calm, combines my love of birds with my passion for words and the visions they can create. The words were cut from magazines and catalogues and assembled, much like a ransom note (as my husband was heard to say), but their message is much sweeter than a ransom note.

Waiting for Calm

imagine a fresh summer dream
resonant with organic music
a voyage of soft
sweet, chiming
native sounds
blending true
into the heart.

Find your calm, find your peace, share a song, and be kind to those around you.


  1. I sure do love what you are creating, ms Rebecca !

    Today i could hear the finches chirping away at the top of the trees and saw them sun bathing & watching the sunset. I thought of you many times today- its Imbolc & Brigid's day and i wore both your necklaces today :)

    One of the 40 cloutees i tied was for you- i send you blessings from these mountains to yours...

  2. Oh wow! That's a pretty bird :)